Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala

neyyar wildlife sanctuary kerala

neyyar wildlife sanctuary kerala

Wildlife sanctuaries appear disarming to some and adventurous to others. India, a home to several wildlife habitats, attracts travelers who desire to wander about the sanctuaries, develop an insight into the world of the wild animals and species. Here, Kerala is worth mentioning, as it boasts several wildlife sanctuaries that invite countless tourists every year.

Situated at a distance of 30 km from the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, is a well-known sanctuary established in 1958.

Shortly after an extended vacation for Durga Puja in October last year, I planned yet another sabbatical and headed for the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in November. In fact, we made a tour around other tourist destinations in Kerala too.

This sanctuary spreads across 128 sq/km and has a vast reservoir.

Main attractions…

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Crocodiles

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Crocodiles

Watching wildlife habitats isn’t just fascinating but electrifying at times. Although you watch the animals from a pretty good distance, the sight of the rarely-found animals excites you.

As I have constantly been an ardent animal lover, my visit to the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary turned out to be fruitful. I stood at the watchtower and surveyed the wildlife habitats of the sanctuary. It was an aerial view and it was thrilling.

The Crocodile Rearing Centre is a ‘must-watch’ for the tourists. I was amazed to see an open pool packed with different species of crocodiles, from small to big.

The diversity of wildlife habitats preserved here is commendable. The Lion Safari Park shelters innumerable lions and you can view them roving in their natural surrounding from an enclosed vehicle or a watchtower.

The evergreen tropical forest and wildlife habitats at this sanctuary add charm to Kerala’s natural beauty. You are mistaken if you believe that it’s just the beaches and hill stations that make Kerala so appealing. The wildlife sanctuaries really lend one experience of its kind.

Visit the Deer farm at this sanctuary and watch varieties of deer grazing inside a fenced plain land.

This Kerala wildlife sanctuary is home to several species of animals including elephants, bears, nilgiri langur, leopards and many more.

Admire the beauty of wooded forest and wildlife habitats

The wooded forests and wildlife habitats of this Kerala sanctuary lend a revitalizing sight of rare animals and lengthy trees and add to the natural beauty of the wildlife sanctuary. Among other avifauna species, the tourists can catch glimpses of Indian Cuckoos, Mynas, Woodpeckers and many more. Most tourists opt for trekking once they explore an option near the sanctuary and spend hours revitalizing themselves with their favorite adventure sport.

Memory of the lifetime

Had I not visited the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary on a trip to the state of Kerala, I would’ve missed on catching an enduring glimpse of the wildlife animals and species. The whole experience was promising and still stands fresh in my memory.

Do visit this Kerala wildlife sanctuary if you desire to witness wildlife habitats in real, which is more exciting than watching them on television.